Our Mission Statement

To provide Bronx based individuals with training and performances in the theatre arts while instilling in them, an appreciation for the performing arts. We are committed to creating culturally enriching theatre projects utilizing senior adults and young performing artists, that both entertain and edify.


In order to develop theatrical productions which showcase the many talents of its participants, workshops and classes in acting techniques and dance will be formulated. Community senior adult members will be encouraged to participate in the various workshops provided by Bronx based professional artists while developing original plays to be performed on a regular basis throughout the borough and beyond.

The Bronx intergenerational Theatre Ensemble will focus on the many strengths and life experiences of it senior members while sharing its insights with today’s younger generation through workshops, projects, and productions.


The Bronx Intergenerational Theater Ensemble (BITE) was founded in 2014 and has always been committed to creating culturally enriching theater projects utilizing senior adults and young performing artists that both entertain and edify. Our goal is to provide these Bronx-based individuals with training in theatre and the performing arts while introducing them to new possibilities can exist in their lives.


Where we perform

Bronx Intergenerational Theatre Ensemble has performed productions in well-established houses in The Bronx.

1. The Studio Theatre at Lehman College Performing Art Center in 2016 & 2017. 

2. The Point Live Theatre from the Edge Theatre in 2015. 

3. Bedford Park Senior Center in 2014.

4. Community Board #12 in 2014 & 2016. 

5.The Citadel Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge in 2016.

Also engagements have been at local libraries, community centers and schools.


Our Audience

Bronx Intergenerational Theatre Ensemble invite all members of ALL communities to see our productions, participate in our classes, and contribute to the uniqueness of our company. No other theatre ensemble in The Bronx has focused its goals to bridging the generation gap.

Board members and Director


Leona Heyward-Hull
Board President and
Executive Artistic Director

Rashida Hull
Board Secretary

Jerry Alicea
Board Vice President

John R Graves

Richard Perez
Board Treasurer